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Introducing 9Tea3

We're excited to announce the launch of 9Tea3, a Black-owned tea business that draws inspiration from the golden era of hip-hop. With the tagline "It's a Whole Leafstyle," the creators, Cyd and Hassahn (who met in college in 1993), are on a mission to bring a diverse range of high-quality tea blends to tea lovers everywhere.

We believe that tea should be enjoyed from the block to the boardroom and we're committed to making premium tea accessible to everyone. 9Tea3 is more than just a tea company. As Black entrepreneurs, we recognize the importance of creating and supporting Black-owned businesses, and we're thrilled to offer a product that is both healthy and delicious. Our tea blends are small batches of carefully sourced ingredients to ensure that every cup is of the highest quality.

By infusing our love of hip-hop into every aspect of our business, 9Tea3 is a celebration of Black culture and creativity. We hope to inspire others to pursue their passions and support Black-owned businesses, while also spreading awareness about the health benefits of tea.

We invite you to sip and savor our uniquely blended brews and experience the culture, while supporting a more diverse and equitable economy. We hope you'll make 9Tea3 apart of your daily routine as you experience the "Whole Leafstyle".