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Reliving 90's Nostalgia: Jodeci's Unforgettable Performance at the House of Blues

Las Vegas is a city that sizzles, especially on the 4th of July weekend. The heat was palpable, and the energy was electric as fans dressed to impress, ready for a night that promised to be unforgettable. And unforgettable it was, as Jodeci took the stage at the House of Blues in the Mandalay Bay. This intimate venue created a unique, immersive experience, transforming the concert into a shared journey rather than a mere performance.

As a true fan who grew up on Jodeci's music and even had the privilege to work with them briefly, seeing them live again was a heartening homecoming. This was my fourth time witnessing their magic, and it felt like the most personal yet. The smaller venue added an element of closeness, making it feel like we were steeping in the experience with them, savoring every note like a perfectly brewed cup of tea.

Mr. Dalvin, K-Ci, and their band carried the show with a professionalism and passion that was inspiring. While Jo Jo's performance isn't what it once was, the show was seamlessly designed to support him. This wasn't a drawback but a testament to the brotherhood that binds them. Watching them show up for each other, riding the waves of time and trials together, was a lesson in loyalty and resilience—much like the journey we've undertaken with

The show itself was a masterclass in musicianship. Jodeci is not just an R&B group; they are a blend of R&B, Rock, Church, Soul, and Hip Hop, harmoniously brewed into a rich, flavorful experience. K-Ci's testimony about overcoming a stroke and defying the odds to sing and walk again was deeply moving. His pipes are still powerful, resonating with a raw, soulful energy that commanded the room, akin to the robust flavor of our signature teas.

DeVante, always the enigmatic charmer, had the ladies swooning with just a few words. When he said, "Don't talk, just listen," the crowd erupted, much like the refreshing burst of flavors in our hibiscus tea (I Used to Love HERbal). Mr. Dalvin and K-Ci's solo moments were highlights, showcasing their individual talents while underscoring the collective strength of the group.

The culture was on full display, and it was a beautiful sight. Jodeci's music is a rich combination of influences, and this concert was a celebration of that diversity. The show was lively, the sound impeccable, and the backing tracks well-crafted, creating an experience that was both nostalgic and refreshingly vibrant. This essence of 90's nostalgia and supporting each other is the same spirit we infuse into every blend at

The night didn't end with the concert. The after-party at the Foundation Room was the perfect capstone to an incredible evening. The view of Las Vegas from the outside terrace was breathtaking, and the complimentary drink added a touch of class to the celebration. It was a reminder that life, much like a cup of fine tea, is best enjoyed with friends and a touch of elegance.

In a city that never sleeps, Jodeci reminded us why we all still feenin' for their music. They brought the heat, the soul, and the brotherhood to Vegas, leaving us all inspired and craving more. If you ever have the chance to see Jodeci live, do it. It’s more than a concert; it’s an experience, a testament to the enduring power of music and the bonds that hold us together. Just as Jodeci’s performance was a blend of their shared history and individual strengths, is built on the friendship, love, trust, and genuine admiration for our music culture and legacy.

This concert was a reminder of how important it is to support each other and cherish the moments we share, much like the community we’ve built around our tea. So here's to 90's nostalgia, the unbreakable bonds of friendship, and the perfect cup of tea. Visit us at and steep in the experience of love, culture, and legacy.