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Cool Like Dat


Herb’s the word, blend’s the verb, it’s Cool Like Dat so freak what you heard. Relax your mind with this vibrant herbal tea that contains a symphony of flavors and health benefits that are nothing short of phenomenal. For anyone who wants to boost their health in a natural way, Cool Like Dat is a great way to start your day or sip as afternoon pick-me-up.

What's inside

Lemon balm leaf, peppermint leaf, ginger root, licorice root, and bacopa leaf

Why it's good for you

Lemon balm leaf is a natural anxiety reducer, it promotes calmness and relaxation. The peppermint leaf is great for digestion, and its anti-inflammatory properties make it a fantastic remedy for gut issues. The ginger root in this blend is a proven anti-inflammatory agent that can reduce pain and swelling, and it's perfect for those who are fighting off a cold or flu.

 Licorice root is the sweet addition to this blend, and it is a natural cough suppressant that soothes the throat and relieves congestion. Finally, the bacopa leaf in this blend is a brain booster that enhances memory and cognitive function.